Week 4 - Term 2

Good afternoon parents,

I hope that you all had a chance to watch the wedding on the weekend...I love me a good wedding! I loved the dress and the flowers...a hopeless romantic I am!!
I was wiped out on the couch with a sore back which was no fun but gave me a good excuse to watch all the highlights of the wedding...again...and then watch the Eagles school Richmond! I am thinking I might need to book those GF tickets if anyone has an in...please let me know!

NAPLAN - A very big well done to all of the children! I was very proud to see them putting their test taking skills into practice and persevering when it got hard!
Go Fish Musical - Please make sure that all costume items are in to Mrs Horrocks by tomorrow afternoon. Here is a screenshot of the email that was sent home which outlines what is needed for each character.

Stationery Items - If I can please ask that you take some time this week to check your child's stationery. There are a large number of students miss…

Welcome to Week 3, Term 2

Good afternoon parents,

I hope that all of you amazing mums were well looked after yesterday!

NAPLAN - This begins tomorrow morning and the schedule runs as outlined below.

Tuesday 15th May - Language Conventions (40 minutes) & Writing (40 minutes).Wednesday 16th May - Reading (45 minutes)Thursday 17th May - Numeracy (45 minutes)You will see on Tuesday that we have two assessments to complete, we will do one in the first morning session and the second will be after recess.

My focus is on keeping the whole week low key and stress free! I have been reminding the students that this test only tells the assessors a little about their doesn't tell them about their other talents and strengths. As their cheerleaders, we are only asking for their best effort :) 

I will have their tables organised and ready to go for the morning already set up in test conditions. If I can ask if you can make sure they have a good breakfast and are as organised as possible to r…

Welcome to Week 2

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to another fantastic week in Year 3...I hope that you all enjoyed (survived) the return to winter sport over the weekend?!

Go Fish Musical Meeting - Is on this afternoon (7th May) beginning at 3.15pm in the Hall. Please let Mrs Horrocks know if you are able to help with costumes, props or catering but are unable to make the meeting this afternoon.

Mothers Day Breakfast - is being held in the Hall on Friday morning 11th May...please make sure that you have sent your RSVP to Fran Marrell at the Front Office. It begins at 7.30am and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the amazing mums in our community!

Reading Books - Just a reminder that I am getting a bit tough on only changing these on Monday's. The books sent home are suitable for your child's reading level and are meant to be read more than once...this helps to build vocabulary, sight word recognition and familiarity with the text.

Haircuts - It is getting to that time whe…

A Couple of Reminders

Good afternoon parents,

Mrs Horrocks has asked for me to post some information about the upcoming Musical 'Go Fish' on Friday 8th June (Week 6) this term. 

If you have any questions about the performance, including costumes or the logistics of the musical then Mrs Horrocks is the person to ask!

We will be having a short meeting on Monday 7th May at 3.15pm. It would be great if you could make it! 

If you are unable to make the meeting, but are keen to help...please let me know. 

More importantly she is looking for volunteers who can donate some of their time to assist with costumes, the set and other roles. 

If this is something you can assist with, then please contact or see Mrs Horrocks on that Monday.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Times Tables Quiz - Today in class I did a short quiz to check their knowledge of all their tables. As I mentioned in my blog post on Monday students in Year 3 are only expected to know their 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's.

I will be sendin…

Welcome to Term 2!

Good morning and welcome back for the term!

I hope that your break was restful and the days were free from sibling arguments and "I'm hungry" statements?

I enjoyed a wonderful break (despite the best efforts of the Eagles) and have enjoyed hearing all about what the students got up to!

Year 4 Family Mass - this is on this Saturday 5th May. All students and families are welcome to attend and share mass and a slice of pizza afterwards.

Casuals for Catholics - this is a free dress day on Friday 11th May. A gold coin donation from each student is appreciated.

Mothers Day Breakfast - is also on Friday 11th May. Please keep an eye out in the coming days for further information. Make sure you have articulated those gift requests!

NAPLAN Week - is in Week 3 Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th May. A really good brekky on these days is very helpful. We will continue with our normal teaching and learning programme as much as possible to limit stress or disruption.

Year 6 Camp-…

Week 11 is Finally Here!

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to Week has been an incredibly busy term and the students have really been coming along in leaps and bounds! I was away last week with a nasty case of laryngitis (not sunning myself on a beach unfortunately!!!) which made the Easter break not so fun...I hope that you enjoyed celebrating this special time with family and friends. Mrs Martin was full of praise for the students and how focused and settled the students were which was lovely to hear!

Parent - Teacher Meetings - they will begin today from 3.30pm. Meetings will run for 10 you have seen the schedule you can appreciate that I have very little turn around time between meetings. I ask that you please make sure that you are on time for your meeting. 

I do feel very rude and I do apologise but I will run a timer through the meeting so that I stay on you might have worked out I do like a chat and I want to be mindful of respecting the time of others!

If I…

Week 9 - Holy Week

Good morning parents,

Welcome to week 9 which is Holy Week, this is a very important time of the year in the Catholic faith as we remember and celebrate the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

Holy Week Reflections - Each morning the whole school will be gathering together to reflect on the events of this important week. We will have a small and reverent reflection presented by each class in the hall every morning beginning at 9am.

On Thursday 29th March, the Year 3 & 4 students will be presenting their reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are some children that have been given a speaking part, can you please make sure that you are practicing this with your child each night. I am working with them each day and asking them to remember that they need to watch the actors on stage to make sure they are in time with each other and to make sure that they are pausing during relevant times.

Some children have been given an acting part, the…